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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Taking nice photos is a desire for all of us. However, for beginners capturing a moment perfectly on camera, especially on digital ones is not easy. Thus, here David Justin Urbas gave some tips which can be used for taking better photos.

Know the modes of your camera:  
Knowing your camera is essential for taking a good photo. Usually, the digital cameras have at least three modes- manual, automatic and programmed. In manual mode, you can specify everything which is not possible in other two modes. At initial stage, you should try using manual modes only for taking photos as other modes are best used by experts.

Know exposure, aperture and shutter speed: 
 These three factors determine quality of photos significantly. That’s why; before taking photos on your new digital camera, you should know about these three features. The exposure or ISO determines how sensitive the camera is to light. With the cameras which have higher ISO, you can take picture in low light but quality of the picture might not be good.

David Justin Urbas considers that a beginner should have idea about the aperture and shutter speed of camera. The aperture indicates opening of the lens and focal length of your camera. With high aperture, you can take highly focused photos. On other hand, the shutter speed indicates for how long, the lens will be open. If you keep the lens open for shorter time, only a single moment will be captured. To capture motion, you need to keep the lens open for longer time.

Avoid taking photos from eye-level only
Most of the beginners take photos from eye-level only. However, it might make the image boring. You can find more interesting images by taking photos from different elevation.

Some cameras can store photos in raw format. If you have such one, utilize it. David Justin Urbas considers that editing photos will be easier.

Friday, July 8, 2016

5 Tricks by David Justin Urbas for Exquisite Digital Photography

For both beginners and experienced digital photographers, brushing up the knowledge is important for taking better photos. Here, David Justin Urbas suggested tricks which you can use to get a perfect photo.

Place the object off center: In most of the cases, we place the main object at center of the frame while capturing photo. However, if you want to capture it in a different way, try to place the object anywhere else instead of the center. You can think of following the rule of third too to take the photo.

Know how to hold the camera: Often quality of photos degrade because of handling the camera improperly. Thus, before taking a photo, you need to ensure that the camera is supported perfectly. You should use tripod or monopod also for taking picture, whenever necessary.

Use simple background: When you placed the object at center of your frame, David Justin Urbas suggests that using a simple background will be the best way to highlight the object. Try to use simple color or pattern as your background.

Crop photos wisely: It is also an effective way to a highlight the main objects within frame. After clicking a photo, view it and identify what can be the main attraction. You can do this by covering different parts of the image. Once the primary attractions are identified, crop the rest part of photo to give it a newer look.

Try taking photos from new angles: In most of the cases, we stand face to face of an object and take its photo. Surely, you also do that. This time, you can think of capturing the photos from different angles. It is guaranteed that you will be surprised to see the new images.

Apart from these, David Justin Urbas suggests that you can experiment with speed of the shutter. It will also bring significant variations to the images. Here is an list of great digital photography blogs.