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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Photography is considered to be an art by many and rightly so. But it is also a subtle science which can be mastered with the infusion of innovative ideas and experimentation. Depending on the type or results you want there are various guidelines to abide by. These ensure that your photos pan out the way you want them to. Photography has evolved massively since the first photograph was taken back in 1826. It has been cultivated by many different innovators over the ages. Nowadays we have access to so many filters and effects on our smartphones that can make average photos look good. But clicking a picture that speaks a thousand words without any modifications, is the true mark of a great photographer. 

Many aspiring photographers fall into the trap of blindly following the trends and so-called guidelines that are generally accepted in the sphere of ]photography. This is okay but then can easily lead to mediocrity. Think of itr this way. In order for your photographs to stand out, you have to be an innovator yourself. Whether it's the angels, playing around with different light conditions, apertures, shutter speeds or flashes. Other than understanding the best way to highlight the subject, the above mentioned factors can make a huge difference. Experienced photographer David Justin Urbas has some useful photography tips that help you increase your skills. Let's have a look - 

Photography Tips To Help You Become A Better Photographer 

1. Use light to your advantage - It is important to learn how to use different light levels and exposure. The use of ambient and natural light should be done in an educated manner. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different light types and levels. The use of light can be the difference between a good and bad photograph. 

2. Study aperture - The depth of field of any photograph is affected by the size of aperture you choose. Smaller the aperture, greater is the depth of field. This is crucial to understand if you want clearer backgrounds. If you’re focusing on a singular object, you can keep increasing it until you reach a sweet spot. 

3. Play with exposure - Tweaking the exposure settings is a good way of experimenting in low and bright light conditions. You can get various interesting results if you play around a bit with your camera’s exposure levels.

4. Think out of the box - In the field of photography, it is always a good idea to break the rules from time to time. Many great photographs have resulted from silly toggling and experimentation of the so-called rules. It is possible to bring a distinct identity to your photos, with the use of unconventional angles, uncommon settings and interesting subject/background contrasts. 

5. Nothing wrong with editing - Using digital software for editing your photographs is completely okay. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. There are excellent features, filters and effects which can transform your photos to masterpieces. 

By following these photography tips, you can bring new life to your photos. 


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