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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Monsoon photography in western ghats is not only about exploring the un-seen faces of mother earth during rains or experiencing the leech bites, but also  an opportunity to try out something unique and fresh – an opportunity to come back with some memorable images that makes your creations stand out from rest of the crowd .  Monsoon is when the plants and trees exudes freshness and rich greens and blooms are at its best. The streams and falls are in full glory. In this blog we will be teaching you one simple yet very effective technique that can be utilised while you are  shooting in western ghats in rains .  Getting such an image would result you in what is known as an Orton effect that too in camera. Having said that, the technique is no brainer and can tried out by anyone whose camera supports manual mode.

The concept is very simple and all that you need as a pre-requisite is to start with basics –  getting your composition  right before you proceed with making the image .